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Popgram Presents Noonas No 24

November 17, 2021 Popgram Podcast Season 6
Popgram Podcast
Popgram Presents Noonas No 24
Show Notes

Join us and we delve into what we are watching or loving in Asian drama land. In this month’s bumper episode: 

00:13 - We are a bit sleepy but ready to get down to business! 

01:50 - Some news in dramaland. 

05:56 - Some of the shows we are watching: Jirisan, Now We Are Breaking Up , Happiness, Inspector Koo, Young Gentlemen and A Lady, King’s Affection

37:07 - Some of the completed shows  we discuss:  One the Woman, Dali and the Cocky Prince, Eternal Summer Dr Romantic 1 and 2, Hometown Cha Cha and Yumi’s Cells.

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