Popgram Podcast

Popgram Podcast - Episode 92

June 04, 2021 Popgram Podcast Season 5
Popgram Podcast
Popgram Podcast - Episode 92
Show Notes

Amazon is buying MGM, what happens to Bond? Sex and the City film is a go, why oh why oh freaking why?

Twitter Blue subscription features, what do we think?

Rina Sawayama to star in John Wick 4 and we discuss Jennifer Lopez dating life dissertation.

Lastly, we have a quiz about Celebrity clothing lines and briefly discuss their demise.

What We Listened/Watched:

  • Little Simz amazing, Introvert, Woman and Selfish is our jam!
  • Echo graphic novel
  • Amara
  • New Journey To The West on Viki
  • AKNY Ariel Knight's Never Yield Switch Game

We are going on a summer hiatus and will be back by Late Aug-Sept! Check the socials below for exact date of when we are coming back. 

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