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Popgram Podcast - Episode 83

December 16, 2020 Popgram Podcast Season 4
Popgram Podcast
Popgram Podcast - Episode 83
Show Notes

Episode 83 - We discuss what we really learnt in 2020, Celebrity culture ain’t it, so do not call a celebrity when in a pandemic.

Warner Media kills the cinema according to AMC, we provide a more nuanced and rowdy view.

CW is killing us with the remake of Tru Blood and just annoying most of us with their continued Riverdale renewal.

We take a whistle stop tour of the celebrity idiocy of the year.

We go through the Disney slate of content of which there is a lot...based on how short this summary of the podcast is, I will reiterate... we went through the 52 updates by Disney from Marvel, to Pixar to Star Wars to Infinity and Beyond!

Lastly, we discuss what we watched and listened recently. 

This is our last podcast for 2020 and so we will see you in the new year!

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